Fast Deliveries Good Prices

Virtually all the steel we utilize is purchased in bulk direct from manufacturers mills, and our huge inventory of row materials ensures our customers the fastest possible delivery at realistic price. We also have special arrangements with many major truck lines that mean that our top quality vessels can delivered to your facility for far less than you would imagine. This also helps us in our export shipments ensuring lesser downtime.



Operating from a self-contained factory specialising in fabricating Vessels for Air compressor, oil , Gas, Petrochemical , Food, Pharmaceutical & Paper industries. Our skills in pressure vessel and special purpose design and manufacture combine, to allow us to provide a total solution. We have a flexible approach and the ability to offer from the outset, carefully thought out designs which economically fulfil our customer's requirements. We can quickly and efficiently interpret the needs of our customers and produce cost effective, safe and reliable products, with sensible lead times. We pride ourselves on an efficient and reliable service with excellent customer relations. From first contact to completion, we place great value on complete customer satisfaction.

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